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Google Fiber's TV service beats Comcast, Spectrum in survey of cable providers

People don't like their cable companies very much.

Hand wielding a remote control in front of a TV screen.

Cable companies are't exactly popular. 

Linus Strandholm/Getty Images

If you can count on anything, it's people being disgruntled with their cable company

A survey from Consumer Reports, out Wednesday, found that only 38 percent of those with paid TV subscriptions with cable or satellite providers said they were very or completely satisfied with their service. 

Consumer Reports said most of the larger cable companies -- think Comcast, Spectrum and the like -- ended up in the bottom half of the 25 companies on the CR telecom service ratings list. 

Google Fiber broke away from the pack on the TV front, though, receiving top marks in areas like technical support, customer service and equipment ease of use.