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Google Fiber might be coming to Provo

Although the Provo, Utah, mayor's office refused to confirm or deny the rumor, one site is reporting that the town will be announcing Google Fiber later today.


The next American city to land the gigabit speeds of Google Fiber will be Provo, Utah, according to one rumor.

The mayor of Provo has been building buzz for what he described on his blog as an "epic announcement" and "the single largest accomplishment" of his career. While building buzz with Provo's citizens on Twitter with the hashtag "#ProvoEpicAnnouncement", the blog gave six reasons why the reveal will be Google Fiber.

Chief among them are that Provo already has fiber-optic infrastructure, and that the infrastructure, which had been sold to to a private company, was recently bought back by the city.

Neither Google nor the Provo mayor's office responded immediately to a request for comment.

Whatever the announcement is, Provo's mayor will be live-streaming his press conference today at 12:30 p.m. PST.