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Google doodle marks the dawn of cricket test rivalry

Allies on the battlefield, enemies on the pitch... even a Silicon Valley tech company like Google understands how big the first cricket test match was.


Two slips and a Google...


Even if Americans don't understand cricket, it hasn't stopped one of the biggest US tech companies from celebrating the game.

Google is doffing its baggy green to the great game today with a Google doodle celebrating the history of test cricket.

The doodle marks the 140-year anniversary of the first officially recognised cricket test match, which kicked off on March 15, 1877, finishing four days later.

Because Australia is clearly the better country, the newly-formed Aussie side beat the Poms in the first match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (though England won the second match to draw the series).

Google has honoured the match with a decidedly vintage-looking doodle, though we're not sure how the umpire allowed three English fielders to obstruct the Aussie batsmen on what looks like a certain six.