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Google broadens e-mail archiving service

Google will archive companies' e-mail for up to 10 years for $45 per user per year as part of Google Message Discovery service.

Appealing to organizations burdened by federal rules requiring electronic message retention, Google is offering hosted e-mail archiving for up to 10 years for $45 per user per year. The service works with a company's existing e-mail infrastructure and has no storage limit.

That's a deal compared to the estimated $200 per user per year it can cost a company to archive e-mail on-site over seven years, Bill Kee of product marketing wrote in an entry Wednesday on the Official Google Enterprise blog.

The latest archiving offering is part of Google Message Discovery, which also includes spam and virus filtering.

Companies can still pay $25 per user per year to archive e-mails for one year or less, with the option of paying $10 per user for each additional year.