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Google boasts 4 billion hours of YouTube viewing per month

The company highlights YouTube numbers during its earnings call, including user views and ad revenues.

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YouTube viewers watched 4 billion hours of the site's videos per month in 2012, a Google executive boasted during Google's fourth-quarter earnings call today.

Nikesh Arora, Google's senior VP and chief business officer, highlighted the big number along with a bunch of other favorable YouTube figures.

The video-hosting service is now available on 400 million mobile devices, Arora said, adding that "YouTube is well positioned for today's multiscreen world."

He said video has been a "key" element for advertising brands. YouTube saw a bump in advertising last year. Its top 100 advertisers spent 50 percent more on YouTube in 2012 than 2011.

Arora also made a point to highlight election ad revenue, which was up five times over 2008 levels. In nine of 11 Senate races, the candidates who spent more with Google was elected, he noted.