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Glance's screen-sharing software available for Macs

Formerly restricted to Windows users, "one-button interface" software lets screen contents be shared in real time over the Internet.

Glance Networks is making its screen-sharing software, once exclusive to Windows, available in a Mac version.

The Glance software, intended for such uses as product demonstrations, "," technical support, meeting notes and other business-related functions, has been available for Windows customers for some time now. But until this point, while Mac users have been able to be on the viewing end of Glance screen shares, they have not had the capability to host them.

The Arlington, Mass.-based company, which estimates it has around 2,600 enterprise customers, is launching the new version on Tuesday in conjunction with the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

Glance prides itself on the "one-button interface" that simplifies the screen-sharing experience so that a host can share the contents of his or her computer screen with up to 15 session guests, who need not be subscribers. Guests can connect for free over the Internet via a host's custom URL, but Glance hosts pay a subscription of $49.95 a month or $499 annually.