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Gigantic floating 4K bubbles will mesmerize you

Giant bubbles, they're online, make me happy, make me feel fine. Dancing, whirling bubbles get a new twist when they're turned into twins.

Looking for a brain-calming work break along the lines of popping bubble wrap? How about watching gigantic bubbles whirl and float, bloom and merge, and then explode like liquid fireworks?

That's the mesmerizing four-minute escape posted Tuesday by "Shanks FX," a Web series produced in association with PBS Digital Studios. Joey Shanks creates Hollywood effects with simple household products, in this case, soap bubbles. He'd worked with bubbles before, but decided doubling them would make for twice the fun.

"Originally this episode was just going to be a 4K sequel to our popular 'Giant Bubble Explosions' episode," Shanks writes on YouTube. "I was capturing good stuff but felt the video needed a new twist to it. So randomly I tried mirroring the bubble clips when editing and was amazed with the results."

Even the occasional person gets mirrored and turned into (sometimes conjoined) twins. If you've ever wanted to view the world through a kaleidoscope, here's your chance.

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