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Get Twitter friends out of Twubble

Find new people to follow on Twitter with Twubble.

I'm kind of a jerk on Twitter. I have more followers than people I'm following, but that's about to change due to a service called Twubble. It scans your Twitter friends to see who they're following, then gives you recommendations based on whatever connections it can find. Similar to DiggSuggest, which I looked at last month, the more people you're friends with, the more results you'll get. It's also nice enough to let you know which of your friends are following the people from the search results, as well as throw in their real name and a quick link to a Google search in case you want to do a brief background check.

The tool was designed by Bob Lee, who's one of the lead engineers working on Google's mobile phone platform Android. The guy's also got some ridiculous photography skills that you can check out here.

[via FaceReviews and DownloadSquad]

Twubble finds people for you to follow based on who your friends are following. It can take some of the guess work out of finding new people to Twitstalk. CNET Networks