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Get 'Stripes' for free and three speakers for $10

From the Cheapskate: Start your weekend with a free movie, end it with three Bluetooth speakers for $10. Seriously!

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This is kind of a freaky Friday, folks, because every time I get ready to publish this post, I spy another deal I need to share. Starting with this one:

3 Bluetooth speakers for $10


Get three of these for 10 bucks. Assuming they don't sell out, that is.


I realize many of you are sick of speaker deals, and I don't blame you. That said, I couldn't let this go by without sharing it: For a limited time, and while supplies last (can't imagine they'll last long, alas), Hollar is offering three Monoprice Bluetooth Portable 360 speakers (white or pink) for $10 when you apply coupon code TRU3PA at checkout. (Note that you must create a Hollar account and be signed in for the code to work.) And if you're a new customer, shipping is free on this order!

Update: Alas, the speakers are sold out. That comes as no surprise, but it's frustrating if you missed out. Fear not, there's always another great deal just around the corner.

Just to clarify, that's three speakers. For $10. Out the door. Are they any good? Well, if you hop on over to Monoprice proper, where a single one sells for $32, you'll find an average user rating of about 4.5 stars.

I've never dealt with (or heard of) Hollar, and certain aspects of the checkout process were a bit annoying. (Dashlane couldn't seem to auto-fill my info correctly, and the checkout page didn't supply any kind of error message indicating where the problem fields were.) But eventually I got through it.

One more thing: Hollar does have a referral program, which I mention only because it has the potential to save you another $2 just for signing up. (I don't know if that $2 can be applied to this purchase given that there's another code already in play.) Anyway, if you want that $2 credit, sign up here before clicking the product link above.

The most important education you never got

I feel very strongly that schools should teach money management: how to create a budget, how investing works, how to save for retirement and so on.

If you feel like you could use help in those departments, check this out: StackSocial is offering a personal-finance online learning bundle for whatever price you want to pay. You get two courses -- Investing 101 and Finance for Freedom -- or, if you beat the average price (currently $10.25), a total of eight courses.

Each course consists of various lectures and lessons you can consume at your own pace. Among the topics: personal finance management, stock market basics and wealth building. That's a lot of learning for a sawbuck.

"You can't go, all the plants are gonna die!"


Is there a better Bill Murray movie than "Stripes"? Discuss.

Actually, stop discussing, because you don't want to miss out on this. For a limited time, Fandango is offering the Bill Murray classic "Stripes" (HD) for free.

You'll need a Fandango account, of course, which is also free. From there you can watch the movie just about anywhere on just about anything.

I haven't seen this in a lot of years, so I'm excited to re-watch it. Especially for free. Glorious, glorious free.

Have a great holiday weekend, cheeps, and I'll see you back here on Tuesday!