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Get eM Client 6 Pro for $29.95

This excellent Microsoft Outlook alternative can be yours for $20 off the regular price.

eM Client 6 offers most of the core features of Outlook, plus a few handy extras. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

This is an update of a post I wrote back in January, and this's personal.

Last week I decided to quit Microsoft Office for good, which was a cinch (thanks, Kingsoft Office 2013 Free) save for one wrinkle: Outlook.

I'm old-school. I like a traditional e-mail client where I can manage multiple accounts, view them in a unified inbox, and organize my messages into folders. Oh, and calendars, contacts, and all that, too.

I've tried Thunderbird and a smattering of other Outlook replacements, but my favorite by far is eM Client 6. And guess what: it's free! However, while the free version is awesome, it limits you to two e-mail accounts. The Pro version removes that limit, but costs $49.95. Ouch!

Today, it's less ouchy: For a limited time you can get eM Client 6 Pro for $29.95. I find that price a lot easier on the wallet, especially considering what a robust piece of software this is.

Update: A few readers inquired about the "Lifetime upgrades" option, which is listed at $50. That's on top of the $29.95 price (so $79.95 total) and includes updates to all future versions of the program (eM Client 7, 8, etc.). Without that add-on, you still get all updates within version 6. Pretty standard stuff.

Update No. 2: This offer expires April 11.

Indeed, eM Client offers not only full-featured e-mail management, but also calendar, contact, and task management. It supports all the major mail services (Gmail, Exchange, iCloud,, etc.) and lets you import data files from most other programs (Outlook included). It can sync calendars with Google, and it has a chat client that works with Google, Facebook, and the like.

I particularly like eM Client's speedy operation and simple, elegant interface. There's even a Xobni-like sidebar that shows communication and attachment history for the selected contact -- insanely handy.

If you decide to pony up $29.95 for Pro, you'll get support for unlimited accounts, plus "VIP" tech support. Pro also allows for commercial use, whereas Free is for personal use only.

Whichever way you go, this is a great desktop mail-client/information-manager. Highly recommended.

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