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Get an Amazon Echo Dot for $25, half off

Woot has everyone's favorite puck-shaped smart speaker on sale for half price, in your choice of color.


Amazon's Echo speakers are on the same trajectory as televisions. Back in the 1950s, it was virtually unthinkable that you'd ever own more than one. Then, by the '90s, many people had a TV in nearly every room. But in recent years, the TV is on its way to becoming obsolete; these days, a lot of people just watch Netflix on their iPad. So too shall go the Echo. In the space of just a few years we went from timidly experimenting with just one to placing Echos in each room. But eventually, voice assistants will be baked into our homes, without any need for seperate speakers. We're not there yet though, so if you need to put Alexa in one more room, you can do it on the cheap. Right now, you can get an Amazon Echo Dot (third-gen) for $25.

That's half off the usual price, and it's on a brand-new speaker, not a refurb. You can also choose your color -- gray, charcoal or sandstone.

Of course, Echo Dot deals like this come and go pretty often, but if you urgently need to be able to voice-control a lamp in the spare bedroom, now's your chance to do it for half the list price. And if you need to reacquaint yourself with this speaker, you can read the full CNET review of the third-gen Amazon Echo Dot

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