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Get a free 1-year subscription to ShopRunner

Normally $79, this shopping service offers free 2-day shipping from participating stores, free returns and more. Plus: Score a free Google Home Mini.


ShopRunner offers free 2-day shipping (and free returns) at over 100 stores.


ShopRunner is one of those things I probably wouldn't pay for, but would gladly accept for free. 

Feel likewise? Well, here you go: For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get a free 1-year ShopRunner membership. It normally costs $79, though anyone with a PayPal account or a select American Express or MasterCard card already qualifies for an ongoing complimentary membership.

However you get it, it's worth getting. ShopRunner upgrades you to free 2-day shipping at stores ranging from MacMall to Newegg to Staples. And at many stores there's no minimum purchase, so you can get that fast, free shipping even if you spend a small amount.

The service also entitles you to free return shipping, a huge plus if you've ordered something big and heavy (like, say, a TV or speaker system) and decided you don't like it. Remember that restocking fees may apply, though, so the return itself may not be free, only the shipping.

ShopRunner also offers a smattering of members-only deals, like 20 percent off at Lancome. (That said, you should always check other coupon-code and cashback sources as well, because ShopRunner's exclusives may not be the absolute best deals.)

Of course, the big draw here is the shipping upgrades. It's not unlike what Amazon Prime offers, but applied to more than 100 stores instead of just one. Would I pay $79 for a one-year ShopRunner membership? I would not. But free? Yes, thank you.



Bonus deal: The Google Home Mini is a $49 smart speaker. You probably knew that.

What you maybe didn't know is that you can get a free one when you spend at least $125 at Google Express. Granted, nobody really understands what Google Express is (I kid, I kid), but it's worth a look.

So, for example, suppose you're in the market for a Fitbit Charge 2. You search Google Express, see that Adorama Camera has it for $149.95. Add it to your cart, apply the code FREEMINI at checkout, and presto: Your $150 Fitbit just bagged you a $50 Mini.

You don't need a single item that puts you over $125, either -- as long as your cart total hits that mark, you're good, even if you're buying things from multiple stores.

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