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Gambling app coming to BlackBerry OS

A new application from a Vegas company is making its way to BlackBerry devices to provide users with free gambling functionality.

A company called American Wagering is releasing a BlackBerry application in time for football season that will allow users to place sports bets from their smartphones.

Called Leroy's App, the software can be used anywhere in the state of Nevada, following its approval by state regulators, according to Las Vegas-based American Wagering.


"The Nevada Gaming Control Board scrutinized the project with a very thorough lab investigation, which helped us in setting the bar for our security features. We have developed the first mobile phone betting application to be approved in Nevada," John English, senior vice president at American Wagering, said in a statement.

Leroy's App offers sports bets including straight bets, parlays, teasers, in-game betting, and contests. The company said it also plans to add race book and fantasy sports features.

The program will not be available through Research In Motion's BlackBerry App World. Instead, users will need to verify their age at one of American Wagering's brick-and-mortar locations, according to a company spokesperson.

From there, they will receive a download link via e-mail or text message. After downloading the app, which runs natively on any BlackBerry, users can start placing bets from their phones through an account tied to the program. The software will use the BlackBerry's GPS and information from cell towers to ensure the person is within Nevada borders, since it's the only state that allows for legal sports gambling. If they are not, the app won't allow them to place bets.

A RIM spokesperson confirmed that an app from American Wagering will be coming to BlackBerry App World eventually, but the program will not allow users to gamble.

Although Leroy's app is currently only available to BlackBerry OS users, American Wagering hopes to bring it to other devices, including Apple's iPhone and Android-based phones, in the coming months.