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Full text of Intergraph response

The following is Intergraph's response to the Federal Trade Commission's complaint against Intel.

The following is Intergraph's response to the Federal Trade Commission's complaint against Intel:

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama, June 8, 1998--Intergraph Corporation today made the following statement in response to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission?s filing of a lawsuit against Intel Corporation.

As a company which has been harmed to the point of having to sue Intel Corporation, Intergraph certainly understands the circumstances which prompted the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to also file suit against Intel. It is reassuring that FTC investigators apparently believe our concerns reflect a broad threat to the computer industry. However, our lawsuit stands on its own and is the first time, as far as we know, that Intel has been accused of abusive behavior, antitrust violations, and patent infringement all in one suit. We expect to win our case, either through trial or settlement, regardless of the FTC?s actions. The federal court?s 80-page preliminary injunction against Intel found that Intergraph has a "substantial likelihood" of proving one or more of its claims, including an antitrust claim against Intel.

Information related to this lawsuit--including court filings, a chronology, and numerous news articles--is available for public viewing on the Intergraph Web site at

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