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From Netvibes to Netbooks: Tariq Krim readying Jolicloud OS

Jolicloud will reportedly be released next year as a Linux-based operating system for Netbooks.

Former Netvibes CEO Tariq Krim has his sights set on Netbooks. According to TechCrunch, Krim will launch a Linux-based OS for Netbooks next year called Jolicloud.

Unlike Good OS and its forthcoming Linux-based Cloud OS, which is meant to operate alongside Windows on Netbooks, Krim intends to provide Jolicloud as a download direct to users that would replace your current Netbook OS--Windows XP or another flavor of Linux.

TechCrunch likens the look of Jolicloud to that of the iPhone and reports that the OS will support touch screens. TechCrunch also reports that a third-party application platform is planned.

The Jolicloud site is light on information, though you can leave your e-mail to join its beta program.