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Flickr's Web uploader gets a much-needed overhaul

Flickr's Web uploader has some new tricks and functionality.

Flickr updated its Web uploader yesterday, adding a slew of improvements to what for many is their primary way of adding photos to the popular hosting service. The biggest update is that the upload cap of six photos at a time has been lifted. I was able to send off about 40 high-resolution shots (at about 3MB a pop), all at once, and without a hitch. Also new is a status bar for each photo, as well as a "master" bar to show you how far along you are on the entire upload--these were things you previously needed the software-based uploader to see.

Another tweak that's a real life-saver is the new batch edit tool, once your photos are loaded. This lets you add tags to all the photos at once, or drop them into a set--old or new. Flickr also places all the photos you've just uploaded on one page, which results in a lot less clicking to add titles and descriptions. Previously, you only got a few at a time.

If you're a frequent uploader, I'd still recommend installing one of Flickr's software uploading tools, since it has some nice advanced features, such as being able to send any photo on your hard drive straight to Flickr without having to fire up a browser. For people traveling abroad or relying on public computers, this is a much-needed update.

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Flickr users trying to upload their vacation photos on public computers can now upload more than six shots at a time with the new Web uploader. CNET Networks