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FixMyMovie launches premium service for big (ugly) videos

If you've got a bad video you want to be improved, the company is accepting larger files at higher resolutions--for a price.

FixMyMovie, the company that does just what it says, has finally gotten around to launching its premium service. I first blogged about it coming back in April, and it's gone live for everyone this afternoon.

For $2 you can get the enhanced version of your video sent back to you watermark-free, double the bit rate, and 4x the original resolution with the company's scaling technology. You'll also get download links in various portable device formats that you can pass along to friends to download.

Paying members are not the only ones to get the improvements. Users of the free service have also been given a bump from 352x288 to 640x480, and gone from a 15MB file size limit to 100MB, making it more friendly for videos shot with digital cameras.

The service is using Google Checkout for its transactions, so if you've got a Google account that's linked up to your credit card you can start using the service right away. You can also give the premium treatment to any videos you've previously uploaded.

A new option to buy the high-quality version of an uploaded clip will now show up alongside your videos. CNET Networks