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FBI turns to Internet for help

FBI home page solicits information about the TWA Flight 800 disaster.

The Internet is one the tools being used by FBI agents investigating the downing of TWA Flight 800 as a possible terrorist attack.

"We'll listen to everything and anything," FBI spokesman Joe Valiquette said.

As of Saturday afternoon, the agency had received 149 email messages and 750 phone calls about the disaster, according to the Associated Press. A handful generated worthwhile leads, Valiquette said, though, "of course, we're getting crank calls, too."

The FBI's home page offers a brief description of the TWA disaster atop a list of high-profile cases. "UNABOM Information" and "OKBOMB Information" are among the other entries.

The page asks for "help in determining the cause of the crash." And, as with its telephone hotline, it promises tipsters "the strictest confidence."