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Facebook touts app numbers at Paris confab

At the LeWeb conference this week, the social-networking giant says there are now more than 350 apps on its site, with more than 1 million monthly active users each.

It seems Facebook's app world is getting pretty big.

The social-networking giant today said there are now more than 350 apps on its Web site, with more than 1 million monthly active users each.

On the mobile side, nearly 200,000 iPhone and Android apps are integrated with Facebook, including 9 of the top 10 grossing iPhone apps. Additionally, more than 45 percent of the top 400 grossing iOS apps use the Facebook SDK, the company said.

Facebook, which is at the LeWeb conference this week in Paris, also revealed that Paris has become one of the top locations for Timeline app development. The City of Light falls behind only San Francisco in terms of Open Graph submissions.

Facebook introduced a new version of Open Graph last year at its f8 conference, seeking to give users "frictionless experiences." It provides developers the ability to deeply integrate their apps into the core Facebook interface. Open Graph stories appear in the news feed and ticker of friends and on the person's timeline.

As Justin Osofsky, Facebook's director of platform partnerships and operators, noted today, the introduction of Open Graph last year has allowed Facebook to "become the social building block for some of the biggest mobile and Web apps across a variety of categories."

Some of the notable apps he listed include Pinterest, TripAdvisor, Fab, and Shazam, as well as Deezer, Endomondo, Kobo, Gogobot, and Foodspotting.

Facebook has been highlighting Open Graph quite a bit lately. The company yesterday put up a blog post patting itself on the backfor Open Graph's role in the success of Playdom's Avengers Alliance game.

Facebook said "shared stories" that linked to the game on people's news feeds and timelines were clicked on 7 million times -- the third-largest source of clicks to the Marvel game -- and users who installed the game after clicking through Open Graph stories made an in-game purchase twice as often as those who joined the game through an invite.

The post also included comments from the game developer about how easy it was to develop on Facebook.

Update, 10:20 a.m. PT: Adds background information.