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Facebook, MySpace reign supreme in mobile market

ABI Research has found that Facebook and MySpace lead the way in mobile social networking use.

Facebook and MySpace are the most popular social networking destinations for mobile phone users, according to a survey conducted by ABI Research.

Researchers found that 46 percent of those who use social networks have visited their favorite services on a mobile phone. Out of that group, nearly 70 percent visited MySpace on their mobile phone and 67 percent visited Facebook. No other social network was able to muster 15 percent mobile adoption.

The study also found that about 50 percent of respondents are checking comments and messages from their friends when they access social networks from their phones, while 45 percent said they usually post status updates instead.

Facebook and MySpace dominance in the mobile space shouldn't come as a surprise, considering their control over the U.S. social networking market. According to the latest figures from Hitwise, Facebook's traffic is up 50 percent since last August and commands almost 21 percent of the market, while MySpace still owns 67.5 percent of the social-networking market in the U.S.