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Excluding games, Snapchat most downloaded iOS app in May

The buzzy app beats out social networking heavyweights such as Instagram and Vine in Apple's App Store, according to App Annie.

Ephemeral photo-sharing hit Snapchat ascended to the top of Apple's App Store to become the most downloaded non-game application in May, according to an app ranker.

The Snapchat app, which lets people send their friends photos and videos that vanish within seconds, beat out notable heavyweights in social networking to achieve the top ranking on the App Store. YouTube, Google Maps, Vine, and Instagram ranked second through fifth respectively in May, according to data from App Annie, which indexes application rankings each month.

Top Apps by Monthly Downloads Excluding Games, iOS May 2013 App Annie

With games included, Snapchat is currently ranked ninth overall in terms of iOS downloads, an App Annie spokesperson told CNET. The app ranks 13th on the Google Play Store.

Though App Annie does not report actual download numbers, Snapchat's top iOS ranking hints at why investors felt comfortable valuing the Los Angeles-based company at $800 million, despite its lack of revenue. The application sees 200 million "snaps" -- aka photo or video shares -- each day, which makes it a force to be reckoned with in the fierce photo-sharing arena where Facebook still maintains an edge with 350 million photo uploads per day.

Earlier this week, 2-year-old Snapchat announced that it snapped up $60 million in new funding. Co-founders Evan Spiegel, 22, and Bobby Murphy, 24, were reportedly able to negotiate an additional $20 million just for themselves through a secondary offering.