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Nest's new security system: Everything you need to know

Nest just made a big play for your home's security. Here's everything you need to know about its new security products.

Nest hasn't jumped into a new product category in years, until today. Google's smart home sister company just made a big move into household security, unveiling a host of upcoming products in San Francisco.

The first gadget in Nest's new lineup is the Nest Hello, an internet-linked doorbell. It has a camera, microphone and speaker on board to monitor and police your front door, and can recognize people's faces. Also planned is an outdoor version of Nest's Cam IQ camera, called the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. Like the indoor version it will ship with the Google Assistant AI baked in.

Tying everything together and serving as the teeth, or bark if you will, of the system is the Nest Secure. Part motion and intrusion sensor, keypad and siren alarm, the Secure is designed to stand watch over your entire home.

Check out Megan Wollerton's hands-on impressions of Nest's new security products along with more details, photos and video.

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