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Evernote's Google Notebook importer is up

Google Notebook users looking to jettison their work to Evernote now have a new option, with a built-in importer that can convert the files for free.

Right on schedule Evernote's Google Notebook importer is now live and ready to use.

Users who want to suck in a Google Notebook entry into Evernote can now do so from the service's Web interface. All that's required is to first export any notebooks you want to move over as Atom files, then upload them one at a time into Evernote's Web interface.

What's nice about Evernote's importer is that it keeps both the organizational structure and tags intact, making it less work to reformat later on. I am, however, a little bummed to see that you can't bulk upload several Atom files at once, which would be super handy for users trying to transfer over a wealth of work.

Here's a quick demo of how it works:

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