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Event: Using Open Source Software Without Jeopardizing IP & Revenue

The IP and legal aspects of open source are not to be trifled with. This virtual seminar should provide some good information for those interested.

Virtual seminars are all the rage these days, and now you can join some experts in a discussion on the legal and IP aspects of open source. You can sign up online for the event on June 18th.

During this virtual seminar, you'll gain clarity on:
- The business and legal components of open source IP strategy
- How to structure and protect your IP while working on an open source project
- How to avoid common software IP mistakes
- Steps that companies must take to avoid the miscues of Compiere, Miro and others
- How to develop patent and trademark strategies that work

Mark Radcliffe, a partner at DLA Piper
Larry Augustin the founder of Va Linux, former director of JBoss and Linux International, and an angel investor and advisor to early stage technology companies.
Andrew Aitken, the founder of and a managing partner at Olliance Group, an open source management consultancy.
Dave Barry, managing editor of Dow Jones Financial Information Services and the session's moderator.