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Emurse creates and tracks resumes

Emurse creates and tracks resumes

Emurse is a simple utility that makes it easy to create sharp-looking resumes. You fill in bunch of fields with your experience, skills, education, and so forth, and it will create a resume using one of five different designs. You can then export the resume in a Word file, PDF, HTML, or plain text. Emurse will host your HTML resume for you, too.

The data entry system on Emurse is both very simple and highly flexible, which is a neat trick. I'd prefer a more WYSIWYG editor in the text fields, though (for example, if you want to italicize text, you have to surround it with underscores, _like this_).

Emurse also helps you keep track of where you've sent your resume, and it sets reminders for follow-ups. It even it tries to tell you when the people to whom you've e-mailed resumes open them. Unfortunately, it uses the clear GIF tracking method that Outlook blocks by default, but that's just as well, since monitoring what people do with e-mails you send is a controversial practice.

Using a tool such as Emurse to help you focus your energy on the content of your resume, instead of wrestling with your word processor to get it to display right, is smart, especially since many big businesses now use resume processing software (see Authoria, BrassRing, Taleo, and Vurv) that's unimpressed by fancy formatting. On the other hand, sometimes you really want to hand someone that nicely laid-out piece of paper. Emurse is a good tool to create it.

Source: eHub