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East Coast gets more backbone

International telecom company Cable & Wireless and Erol's Internet and Computers will build a backbone in the East Coast, part of a network that will eventually span the country.

The East Coast is about to get another Internet backbone as international telecommunications company Cable & Wireless and Erol's Internet and Computers announced plans today to build a new network that eventually will blanket the country.

By piggybacking on the C&W backbone, Erol's, a Virginia-based Internet service provider that grew from a TV repair shop and video club, hopes to become one of the nation's largest ISPs. The new network will compete with major industry players such as MCI Telecommunications, ATMnet, and UUNet Technologies.

The service will debut in Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Hartford, Connecticut, and Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia. Dates were not announced.

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