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E-commerce work keeps going and going

E-commerce software makers iCat and Trade'ex today upgraded their Web-based products with new support for e-cash schemes, operating systems, servers, and Java.

From the dozens of companies vying for e-market position, two electronic commerce software makers, iCat and Trade'ex today upgraded their Web-based products with new support for e-cash payment schemes, operating systems, servers, and Java.

iCat rolled out version 2.1 of its software and announced that a trial version of its Electronic Commerce Suite will be posted to its Web site by month's end. The suite of software is intended to allow companies to quickly build Web-based merchandise catalogs that accept electronic purchases from online shoppers.

Version 2.1 of the suite, priced from $1,495 adds support for the First Virtual electronic payment system, order verification via email to merchants, new catalog templates to ease development of systems, and improved search capabilities.

The upgrade also adds support for Sun Microsystems' SunOS operating system and Digital Equipment's Alpha NT Internet Server.

Trade'ex, which sells Market Maker, a high-end electronic commerce package aimed at large corporations, governments, and trade organizations, is attempting to link multiple online merchants to multiple buyers. According to director of marketing Marc Young, the software is intended for merchants processing a high number of transactions per minute, and includes custom transaction processing software and a Java-compliant client. Prices start at $85,000, said Young.

Trade'ex also introduced Distributor, a scaled-down version of Market Maker for linking a single seller to multiple markets, which is priced from $35,000 up.

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