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Dropbox now limits you to three linked devices on a free account

If you want to have four more more active devices on your account, you'll have to pay up.

The free device ride on Dropbox is slowing down. 

The company posted a note in its help center today with a new three-active-device limit for its free Basic accounts. The limit doesn't apply to paying Plus and Professional users.

That tidbit comes to us via 9to5Mac (and a tweet from Liliputing News). 

Some Basic folks can still breathe easy, since it looks like existing accounts that already have more than three linked devices can keep them linked -- they just can't add more. Per Dropbox, "If you're a Basic user and you linked more than three devices prior to March 2019, all of your previously linked devices will remain linked, but you can't link additional devices."

And you can still use more than three devices with an account. It just won't be as seamless as before, because you'll have to repeatedly log in and out on them so that only three are active at any given time.