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Dress up your Facebook profile with PageRage

Ever wanted to theme your Facebook page? PageRage lets you do it with relative ease, although you've got to download a browser plug-in.

In case you're one of the millions of people who are sick of Facebook's new design, and want to change the way it looks, there's a simple solution called PageRage. It won't tweak things to look like they did before, but it will let you to do one of the things Facebook has never allowed--theme your profile.

Like competitor MySpace has allowed for years, PageRage lets you customize both the background and design elements on your profile. There are a handful of pre-sets to choose from, all of which you can browse right from the company's Facebook application. To install them you simply click a button and it will apply the skin.

The one caveat of the service is that others must have the extension installed in order to see your special profile. It's also browser specific, so if you have it installed in Firefox but not Internet Explorer you won't be able to see the layout you've picked. However, changes made in either browser will be reflected in both since the information is stored on PageRage's servers.

For now, you're limited to making edits on your profile. In the future, the company plans to let its users customize other people's profile themes, although not for everyone else to see. Parent company Yontoo also makes a handy browser add-on called Sanity Switch that can turn off a user's MySpace profile customizations with a single click, making noisy, or otherwise obnoxious, social-networking profiles a little more bearable.

PageRage's Facebook profile skins are quite classy, although you'll need a special browser plug-in installed to see them. Yontoo Technology