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DoubleClick networks in Asia

Internet advertising network DoubleClick announces that it will launch DoubleClick Japan, a network focused on the Pacific Rim.

    Internet advertising network DoubleClick announced today that it will launch DoubleClick Japan, a network focused on the Pacific Rim.

    The network, which is expected to launch September 1, targets both Japanese and international companies wanting to advertise on Japanese Web sites.

    Buying ads on an Internet advertising network works in much the same was as buying advertising time on a TV network. Advertisers buy time and space on the network of Web sites that are affiliated with DoubleClick, said spokeswoman Diane Filippi. DoubleClick then matches the company with a demographically appropriate Web site to advertise on.

    The American version of DoubleClick launched in February 1996. Since then, it has partnered with "80 sites that have proven themselves to be high-traffic," Filippi added, including AltaVista.

    DoubleClick is now hoping to capitalize on what they feel is the No. 2 online market behind the United States--Asia.

    According to a 1996 report by Jupiter Communications, 19 percent of Japanese households, or 7.1 million, will be logged on to the Internet by the year 2000.

    "This is particularly exciting for us because it allows us to both sell ads to advertisers worldwide and to Japanese advertisers wanting to target the Japanese," said Barry Salzman, vice president of international for DoubleClick. "This will globalize Internet advertising."