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Domain name battle in transition

The domain-naming community hammers out details of the future oversight of the Net address system as it loses two of its leaders.

As the Internet domain-naming community hammers out the details of the Net address system's transition from a government-run entity into a private international corporation, it loses two of its leaders: Clinton adviser Ira Magaziner plans to resign, while luminary Jon Postel is memorialized by colleagues and friends.

Magaziner to resign
The White House's chief Internet adviser is planning to step down by the end of year.

Domain group answers critics
The nonprofit firm expected to oversee the Net address system responds to concerns.

Postel eulogized as humble genius
Government and corporate officials and others pay tribute to Jon Postel, a founding father of the Net.

EC ready for domain name reform
The European Commission welcomes a U.S. plan to reform the Net's domain naming system.