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Dolphin Browser HD hits iPad, gestures are go

MoboTap has released its Dolphin browser for the iPad, bringing gesture browsing and magazine-style websites to Apple's tablet.

iPad owners have yet another reason to be happy today, as the celebrated Dolphin web browser has just reached the tablet. So what? So that means gesture-controlled browsing has just hit the iPad.

Dolphin Browser HD lets you move back and forward between web pages by drawing an arrow left or right. You can swipe to flip through tabs, and even create your own gestures and shortcuts to get to your favourite website *cough* CNET UK, or launch browser commands. It's like Minority Report, but here, and now.

Previously available on the iPhone and Android, it also includes Dolphin Webzine (which launched on Android in July). This automatically reformats websites to look like tablet magazines, just like Flipboard. You can choose various widgets and preview them without having to load the full web page, just like an RSS feed. Drag the page to the right and you'll see your list of bookmarks; to the left, windows you've opened. No rummaging through complicated menus here.

The url bar even predicts which webpage you're typing in. To create your own gesture to perform a certain action, just hit the Gestures button, and a recognition screen will launch. Then just swipe away, and every time you repeat the gesture, your action will be performed. Hey presto.

You can switch to Desktop mode too, if you want to see the full desktop versions of certain websites rather than the slimmed down mobile ones. And a bookmarks folder lets you organise your favourite sites however you want, just like on your PC.

Dolphin HD is built on top of Safari, just like the iPhone version. The only question we have is why did it take MoboTap so long to launch on the iPad?

Will you be replacing your browser with Dolphin HD? Let us know on our Facebook page.