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DIY pixel art made easy with Cubescape

Make simple pixel art using Cubescape.

Pixel art has held a special place in the the world of Web 2.0. Most recently it reared its head at Adobe Systems' Engage event earlier this year, where attendees received a poster with pixel art characters using various Adobe products. The poster was professionally designed, but that doesn't mean you've got to go out and buy some special software or take digital art classes to have some fun making your own.

Enter Cubescape, a simple app that gives you some easy-to-use tools to create 3D pixel art on a large canvas. You can drop blocks down one at a time, on top of one another, and even explode them. The app tracks your progress and lets you or others play it back to see what you did, much like some of the fantastic tutorials that come with PhotoShop to show you how people create their digital masterpieces.

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[via Delicious]

Create your own tiny and old-school digital masterpieces with Cubescape. CNET Networks