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Dish offers 'TV Everywhere' service, via Sling

Dish Network subscribers can now access television content from their DVR wherever they go with the help of the newly released Sling Adapter from Sling Media. It costs $99.

The Sling Adapter for Dish Network subscribers to watch TV anywhere.
The Sling Adapter for Dish Network subscribers to watch TV anywhere. Dish Network

Dish Network subscribers hoping to watch television wherever they go on several different devices can now do just that.

The satellite provider announced the launch yesterday of its TV Everywhere service. In order to use the service, Dish subscribers will need a Sling Media product, like the Sling Adapter, which works with the company's ViP 722 or 722k HD DVRs. The Sling Adapter connects to the DVR via USB and allows users to send content out to applications on other devices. It's available for $99 to Dish subscribers.

In order to access live TV, watch DVR recordings, and manage the DVR while away from home, Dish subscribers also need the company's Remote Access app. That program is available on several different devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android-based products, PCs, Macs, and both the BlackBerry Bold and Curve. Dish is offering its iOS apps in Apple's App Store, and its Android application is available in the Android Market. Those on computers can simply access content through Dish Remote Access on the company's Web site. BlackBerry owners will need to download the program from Dish's TV Everywhere page online. The Dish Remote Access app is available for free.

According to Dish, its TV Everywhere service works over both 3G and Wi-Fi. However, full-screen TV viewing on the iPad won't be available until Apple makes iOS 4.2 available.

Dish is marketing its new service as "America's first true TV Everywhere offering." But that's not necessarily true. Slingbox users have been able to achieve this functionality for some time. Those who buy a Slingbox can connect the device to their DVR and take control over their box from anywhere over the Web. Plus, with Slingbox, access to the DVR isn't limited to Dish. Moreover, Sling already offers mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7.