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Digital redoes notebooks up and down

Digital Equipment revamped the low and high ends of its Pentium notebook lineup.

Trying to breathe new life into its ailing PC business, Digital Equipment revamped both the low and high ends of its Pentium-powered notebook lineup today.

The company announced three new models of its low-end HiNote VP series with 100- or 120-MHz Pentium processors, 1.08GB hard disk drives, 11.3-inch SVGA displays, and enhanced nickel hydride batteries that the company says provide more than eight hours from a single charge. Prices for the VP models start at $2,099.

On the high end, Digital's new HiNote Ultra II LTS5133 is powered by a 133-MHz Pentium processor and includes an 11.3-inch SVGA display. The Ultra II, priced at $4,799, is thinner and lighter than VP series systems. Users have the option to expand memory up to 56MB and to add an internal 6X CD-ROM drive.

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