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Diaroogle helps you find clean public bathrooms

Gotta find a bathroom in NYC? There's always MizPee, but a close second option is Diaroogle, a site for finding toilets.

When you've gotta go you've gotta go. Unfortunately, finding a place to do that when you're in New York, one of the largest cities in the world, can be difficult unless you've got some local knowledge.

Human-powered search engine Diaroogle is up to the task. It'll help you find the nearest toilet based off its user-generated database. Like Mizpee, which does the same thing but with a much cuter pretense, it's got user ratings for general cleanliness, the rules of gaining entrance, and occasionally even pictures snapped by users to show how good or bad the porcelain sanctuary is.

All toilets are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, and are done so by the submitter. If you disagree with someone's review, or policies have changed that would keep you from being able to access said bathroom, you have the option to rebuke it with your own review. Going forward, it would be smart to add user ratings and comments to pre-existing entries.

Of course, because this is a mobile toilet finder, all of this hinges on the experience you'd get accessing the site from your phone. Since it's running through your mobile device's browser, it can't take advantage of any of that newfangled GPS or Wi-Fi positioning business. Instead, you'll need to feed in a street address, neighborhood, or ZIP code. There's no map, so you'll need to use something like Google Maps, or to ask a stranger so you can get going--err get to a place where you can go.

Diaroogle is off to a promising start, although compared with perennial all-star Mizpee, it's missing the other 49 states and all of Europe, along with some helpful items like hours of operation, mobile maps, and the business model of including coupons from local retailers.

[via BuzzFeed]

Looking for a toilet in NYC? Diaroogle will help you out, although it's less helpful on the phone than it is from a laptop. CNET Networks