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Desperately trying to be interested in Adobe

Adobe is a good, stable company. I just can't get excited about their news.

I was reading Cote's write-up on the Adobe Engage conference and I just can't get excited about Adobe. Maybe it's because for me, the company still equates to Photoshop?

All of this AIR stuff looks like things people were doing with Macromedia Director back in the late 90's. And while I completely understand that this is easier to use, blah, blah, blah, I just can't get excited.

Anyway, at least Adobe is moving toward open source.

On the other hand, a fantastic technological breakthrough is Specialtys' CookieAlert where you can login and see who has hot cookies for you. Now that's a good time--and it's a Google map mashup thingy! Web 2.0 rules!

Disclosure: I love baked goods.