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Dendy ditches Direct video-on-demand service

Dendy Direct launched in 2014, and becomes the latest Australian video service to fall in the Netflix era.


Dendy Direct is closing shop.

After launching in 2014, the video-on-demand service, which lets you rent and buy the latest films and TV shows, will be pulled on May 14. 

"Since launching the on-demand service 4 years ago, there have been several disruptors to the Australian VOD landscape," Dendy's press release read. This is of course a reference to the success of Netflix, and also to popular Australian service Stan.  

Dendy last year tried to breath some life into the service through a partnership with Foxtel, which would see nearly simultaneous releases of "niche feature and documentary films" in Dendy cinemas and Dendy Direct. 

Dendy Direct joins other services like Presto, EzyFlix and Quickflix that didn't manage to survive in the Netflix era.