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Co-founder Moskovitz holds 7.24 percent stake in Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard roomie still owns a nice chunk of the social network he helped create.

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. Kimberly White/Getty Images
Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, who left the social network in 2008 to launch web collaboration tool Asana, still maintains 7.24 percent of the company he created with Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg from a Harvard dorm room.

Moskovitz holds 124.6 million shares in the social network, good enough for the 7.24 percent stake, according to a regulatory document filed today with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Meanwhile, Moskovitiz's former roomie, Zuckerberg, owns 29.3 percent of the company.

Last year, Moskovitz went on a mini spending spree from late August through early September, when Facebook's stock was in a major slump. At the time, the early Facebooker sold 7.5 million of his shares to pocket around $143 million from the sales.

With Facebook currently trading above $28 a share, Moskovitz's 124.6 million shares are worth more than $3.5 billion.