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Chart: HP in the hot seat

Here's a rundown of the agencies investigating HP's methods of tracking down a "leaker" on its board.

HP in the hot seat
The computer maker is the target of a number of probes into the methods it used to uncover a "leaker" on its board.
Agency Status of investigation Potential authority Notes
California Attorney General Actively investigating, has issued at least one search warrant. Has said it is looking into potential felony charges under two state laws one prohibiting the unauthorized use of data and the other prohibiting unauthorized use of personal information.
U.S. Attorney, Northern District of California Is "requesting information similar to that sought by the California Attorney General," HP said in a regulatory filing on Monday. Could be looking into various statutes, including the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act or the , though the latter addresses financial records.
House Energy and Commerce Committee Sent letter to HP Chairman Patricia Dunn Has congressional oversight over telecommunications and the Internet Committee had already been looking into the issue of obtaining confidential records using false pretenses.
Securities and Exchange Commission Has sent HP a letter regarding its May 22 disclosure of director Thomas Perkins' resignation. Has authority over publicly traded companies. Requires additional disclosure when a board member leaves due to a dispute with the company.
Federal Communications Commission unclear Has authority under section 222 of the Telecommunications Act to oversee carriers' role in protecting customer information. Could explore whether AT&T and other carriers adequately protected customer information.
Federal Trade Commission unclear Has authority under Section 5 of the act that created the FTC. The FTC has initiated civil enforcement actions against entities accused of obtaining phone records illegally. Earlier this year the agency charged five Web-based operations with violating federal law for selling telephone records