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Carl Icahn joins Twitter with a funny plea for Dell

The activist investor, known for saying what's on his mind, is now using Twitter as his platform.

As the battle between activist investor Carl Icahn and Dell's board heats up, Icahn has joined Twitter.

So what? Well, his first tweet is a funny jab -- or plea -- signaling his desire to takeover Dell.

Icahn, who is a billionaire, is known for shaking up certain corporations by buying up lots of shares and then demanding they do things his way.

Take Dell, for example. Icahn publicly opposed the idea of taking the company private via a $24.4 billion buyout, which was proposed by the company's founder Michael Dell in February. So, Icahn bought up 9 percent of Dell's shares and is now making a play to takeover the company, according to Reuters.

In 2008, Icahn launched a blog that he used to highlight corporate governance topics, such as excessive pay and underperforming companies. But, it didn't really take off, largely because overactive lawyers took issue with it, according to Fortune.

Michael Dell also has an active Twitter account with more than 1,500 tweets and 68,000 followers. He's yet to welcome Icahn to the social network, however.

(Via Fortune.)