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Buzzvote: Polling widgets for your blog

Add a poll to your Web sites or blogs with Buzzvote. It's simple and looks pretty good, too.

Buzzvote is a free polling service that lets users create and share their own polls. Once made, users can share their polls through a variety of social bookmarking sites like, Digg and Furl. You can also embed the poll in any Web page or blog. There are other services that do this, including BlogPoll and Pollpub, but Buzzvote has a really simple and easy-to-use interface.

After registering (which doesn't require your e-mail address), Buzzvote will keep track of all the items you've voted on, as well as show you current results for each. What it's missing is some sort of way to track page views and votes by day--the things statistics junkies (like me) get a kick out of.

Update: After actually putting this into a blog post, it's clear there's a flaw in Buzzvote's execution of embedding these polls, as they're nothing more than a giant picture link. Disappointing.

Created by JoshLowensohn 

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