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Smart Home

Bruno the vacuum bin sucks (in a good way)

This smart dustbin with built-in suction for dirt and debris changes the way you take things to the trash

Bruno Smartcan

What if you could have a bin with an automatic lid? Or one that reminds you when to replace the trash bag? Or, a really cool trashcan that vacuums the little bits of dirt that are honestly too much trouble to clear frequently?

Bruno Smartcan

Inventors Jim Howard and Lori Montag have designed Bruno, a smart kitchen trashcan which does all the little things that makes dealing with garbage less of a hassle. Currently seeking funding on its Kickstarter page, Bruno is a smart bin that comes with a built-in vacuum at its base, capable of drawing up debris and dust without the need for a dustpan.

Any dirt collected by the vacuum goes straight into the trash bag itself. When spare trash-bags run low in supply, the trashbin's app (for Android and iOS smartphones) will alert the user that it's time for a refill. Bruno uses proprietary trash-bags, as well as standard 13 gallon (49-litre) trash bags. The same app can also help the user set reminders for putting the trash out, so that no one in the house has an excuse to miss garbage day.

The smarter-than-your-average bin underscores the growing push toward the smart home, with everything from thermostats to cooking appliances getting wired to the Internet and apps.

And it's not just your humble dustbin that's getting smarter. These days, you can find almost any appliance -- such as this Smart Scale from Chinese company Xiaomi that lets you track your weight through your smartphone.

The smart dustbin comes with other features, such as its automatic, motion-sensing lid that opens at a wave of a hand. The lid is handy if you want to simply grab something off the table and bin it, or if you want to slide offcuts from a chopping board into Bruno without making unnecessary gestures. It even has its own compartment for spare bags -- which is how the bin knows you're running out in the first place -- and a flap that lets you charge the bin up for vacuuming. A full charge allows the bin to vacuum up to 30 consecutive days, according to their official website.

With about a month fundraising to go, Bruno has since surpassed its $50,000 goal on Kickstarter. The bin is expected to retail in five colours far more stylish than a conventional trashcan, at $229 (£151, AU$292) each. The first Bruno smart cans are expected to ship by October 2015, and there are early bird offers between $139 to $179 (£91 to £118 and AU$177 to AU$228) still available on their Kickstarter page. Depending on your location, the bin will come with a power plug of your choice, ranging from US, EU, UK, AU and other standards for the Bruno to play nice in your own kitchen.