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Software now lets files talk to you has partnered with iSpeech to read your text documents back to you. has added iSpeech to its OpenBox platform, which lets users get integrated text-to-speech conversion on any text document they have stored on the service. Users simply have to add it to their list of used OpenBox services and it becomes a part of's contextual menus, meaning you only need to right click on the document and choose the text-to-speech option to get it going.

You do have to be separately signed up with iSpeech to get this to work. It's not a free service when it comes to processing full length documents. There is, however a free tier of service that gives you 250 words per conversion, which amounts to a couple of paragraphs. If you feel like converting your doctoral thesis you'll need one of the service's premium plans.

While neat, I think a far more useful add-on to Box, or any other storage provider would be converting audio recordings into text documents. I've recently become hooked on this with my voicemail through Google Voice, and it would be great get a recording from an interview, or business meeting transcribed in the same place I'm storing it in the cloud.

A right click on any document file will let you convert it to speech using iSpeech. You have to be registered with that service to use it though. CNET Networks