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'Blogozine': Let's kill this word

Don't let it be the next 'blogosphere.'

I have no problem with new-media networking and news outlet AlwaysOn. In fact, I'm going to their annual media summit in NYC next week (from which I'll be reporting on some cool webware). I'm impressed by the speakers they've snagged for it. But I nevertheless have a little bone to pick with them.

You see, in anticipation of the AlwaysOn summit, the company sent me a copy of their print publication. Note that I didn't say "magazine." That's because it's a blogozine--AlwaysOn calls itself "the blogozine on innovation."

Note to AlwaysOn: Please drop this word. It's for the good of humanity. Sure, it might not be overused yet, but it will be. It's looking like "widget" is going to be the number-one Irritating Tech Term of 2007, but that doesn't mean there isn't space for a runner-up. Let's cut off these irritating business cliches before they even sprout into maturity. You'll thank us later. And good luck next week.