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Blogger simplifies posting via SMS and e-mail

Blogger's posting via SMS and e-mail is now a simpler affair, but what about a native application? We're not there yet.

Last month Google released a less complicated way of linking up your phone with one or more of your Blogger blogs as part of its Blogger in Draft program. It put the settings to post to a specific blog through your phone or e-mail next to each blog's title inside of the dashboard using small and simple icons. And as of today the change is now live to everyone.

The most important part of this seemingly minor update is that it takes two sets of settings that were previously tucked away and puts them front and center. Posting via SMS or MMS message can be set up in about 30 seconds if you have your phone handy, and you don't even have to leave the dashboard to do it. The same goes for creating a special e-mail address to post to each blog--something which was also, previously hidden away from non-savvy users.

While sending a post to Blogger through your phone is nothing new, Google clearly wants to make the process a little easier. Putting the icons and setup tools right there in front of you is a good start. The one big caveat that remains is that posting through SMS still only works in the US, so if you're a Blogger user from another country you're stuck having to use your phone's e-mail app--meaning you need a data plan.

There's also the continuing matter of a lack of an official, native Blogger application for mobile phones. WordPress and MovableType have had free mobile applications out for some time now--including some snazzy ones for the iPhone. These make it simple to work on and post entries locally, as well as edit and moderate posts while on the go. SMS and e-mail are nice, but at this point in the game a dedicated application would be a nice touch. Those with an iPhone and who are willing to part with $3 can have it with this app called BlogPress which also posts to WordPress, TypePad, Live Journal and others.

Here's the original demo on how to post from your phone from last October: