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BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac pics--it's about time

Someone at RIM must have gotten a Mac. Finally BlackBerry-Mac integration is on the horizon.

Blackberry realizes people use Macs
BlackBerry realizes people use Macs. Blackberry/RIM via Boy Genius Report

I've been using a BlackBerry and Mac combo for at least five years, and it's never been particularly easy. A few years back, BlackBerry started providing PocketMac for free and it kinda works, but it's not as feature-rich as the Windows desktop and nowhere near as well-integrated as the iPhone.

Enter BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac as reported by Boy Genius on Tuesday. Hard to tell what exactly is in there, but it's nice to see that Windows-centric companies are taking the Mac seriously.

I keep flip-flopping on the iPhone. I still have the Crackberry addiction despite the fact that the iPhone is such a nice device. Too bad it's stuck on AT&T.

More pics over at Boy Genius Report. I really hope this isn't some kind of hoax.