Bing adds more Facebook to search

The search engine, courtesy of a long-standing relationship with the social network, updates with sidebar commenting.

Screenshot/Jennifer Van Grove

Continuing down the path of enhancing search results with social data, Microsoft's Bing search engine added even more Facebook features to its right-hand social sidebar.

Thursday, people who search on Bing, and who have connected their Facebook accounts, will find that they can view comments on Facebook posts in the sidebar, add their own comments to surfaced status updates, and "like" the social-network posts without leaving the search engine.

"Now you can see what your friends might know about what you're searching for and engage with them directly without leaving the search page," Bing Program Manager Nektarios Ioannides said in a blog post.

The incremental update allows for a bit more interaction inside the social sidebar, which was first released one year ago and includes query-related posts from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Klout.

Bing has been continually updating the bar with subtle enhancements ever since its release to better blend social data with search results, and to assist searchers in finding friends or experts who may be able to shed more light on their queries.

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