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BandBot to help indie bands manage their online presence

A new tool from RightRound should make it a lot easier for musicians to take care of all their online resources, from their Web site to their social network pages.

RightRound, which had a presentation table at SF Beta last night, was showing off a new product it's working on for people in bands: BandBot. It's a one-stop shop for managing a band's online presence. Initially it will manage an e-mail list, a Web site, and a band's footprint on a few social network sites. So all a band will have to do is update its info in one place. Then its Web site (under its own name, e.g.,, MySpace page, and other social networks will all get updated at once.

Unfortunately, the site's not live yet, and I didn't get a firm date for its release. As soon as it launches, I'm going to bug my wife's group (sorry, a chance for a free plug, had to take it) to check it out. They could really use it.

The idea is spot-on. There are so many online locations where companies and individuals have to manage their presence. Updating a site, several social networks, a few blogs, perhaps a photo feed on Flickr, and also emerging communications platforms like Twitter, is just too complicated and time-consuming for the average mortal. People who are selling things also have to think about their Amazon store presence, eBay, and possibly other outlets (bands, for example, shouldn't overlook CDBaby and Lala). I would like to see more sites that act as universal publishing front-ends, like BandBot plans to, but for other industries. It's a great idea that could make life easier for anyone who has an online presence.

(And speaking of music start-ups at SF Beta, also check out ASoundMatch, a dating service that matches you with other people based on how important music is to you and what types you listen to. [via Stowe Boyd])