BabyPlays: A Netflix for childrens toys

Get new kids toys every month with BabyPlays, a monthly subscription service.

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Toys are an important part of being a child. When we get older they become shinier and more expensive, but for many, they're fun to play with for a short time and we lose interest.

To help curb the potential costs and storage required, there's BabyPlays, a service that approaches toy enjoyment in a similar fashion to Netflix. BabyPlays is a subscription service that lets you pick what toys you want delivered to your house each month. Each of the plans lets you receive a different amount of toys. There are no late fees, and when you want a new ones shipped out you simply pack up the old ones and send them in.

In case you were wondering, the toys are sterilized between rentals. Also, if your little one is in love with the toy and you feel like buying it permanently you can do so for 20 percent of its cost.

See also: Swaggle, which lets parents swap and loan out used toys to one another.

If you've used Netflix before,'s system is no different.
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